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Welcome to the Regions and Fleets page of the Catalina 22 National Sailing Association. Here you will find information about:

  • How to submit a Fleet Charter to create a new Catalina 22 fleet.
  • Documents to promote fleet growth.
  • How to contact a representative from an existing Catalina 22 fleet (contact may be out of date if Fleet Captain has not provided an update).

To establish a new fleet, open the PDF file containing the FLEET CHARTER, complete, then submit form with your check to the Secrtary at the address on the form.  If you have questions about the fleet chartering process, please CONTACT the Secretary.

To promote your new fleet, you may use the C22NSA MEMBERSHIP BROCHURE and a document about MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS.

To protect the privacy of our members (and minimize spam), the Association uses a Form to enable you to contact a Regional Commodore or Fleet Captain:

  • Find your state to see the Region Number (white number) your state is located.
  • Select the Region Number from the list below for contact information on fleets in your region.
  • Select the name of the Region Commodore to access a contact form (some regions do not have Regional Commodores).
  • Or select the name of the Fleet Captain to access a contact form (if inactive, then no active fleet or fleet captain).
  • If a fleet has a website click on the URL to access their website.

As Regional Commodore and Fleet Captain information is not always updated by the respective individuals, it is possible that requests may not be received or response provided. 

Regional Commodore and Fleet Captains may request an update of the regional or fleet contact information by using the CONTACT US form. 

Fleets in Region 1

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
86 Greenwood Lake, NJ No contact  
89 Youngstown, NY No contact  
101 Manchester, NH Stanley Stone  
104 Lake Hopatcong, NJ No contact  
121 Hudson River, NY No contact  
133 Cape Cod, MA No contact  
141 Rochester, NY Lynn Bluett  

Fleets in Region 2

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
10 Chesapeake, MD Aldo & Alice Camicci http://www.fleet10.org
19 Pitsburgh, PA No contact  
98 Lake Nochkamixon, PA Gregory Morrison  
73 Middle River, MD No contact  
123 Belews Creek, NC No contact  
140 Lake Waccamaw, NC Marc Michaelson http://www.waccamawsailing.com
143 Bowling Green, KY No contact  

Fleets in Region 3

Region 3 Commodore: Dick Cline

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
29 Jackson, MS No contact  
35 Jacksonville, FL No contact  
38 Fort Pierce, FL Gene Cochran  
52 Nashville, TN No contact  
56 Lake Hartwell, SC No contact  
58 Lake Lanier, GA Dennis Slaton  
77 Fort Walton Beach, FL Don Waterhouse  
90 Lake Harding, GA Vacant  
91 Orlando, FL Randy Pawlowski  
95 Chattanooga, TN David Bergevin http://www.privateeryachtclub.org/
96 Lake Martin, AL Dick Cline http://www.dixiesailingclub.com/
102 Knoxville, TN No contact  
103 Titusville Sailing Club Lorenz (Lorry) Simpkins  
105 Gulf of Mex, MS No contact  
109 Lake Keowee, SC No contact  
118 Guntersville Lake, AL No contact  
134 Leesburg, AL Jim Crane  
137 Fairhope, AL No contact  
139 Savanah, GA No contact  
140 Charleston, SC No contact  
258 Lake Lanier, GA No contact  

Fleets in Region 4

Region 4 Commodore: Rich Fox

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
21 Chicago, IL No contact  
57 Toledo, OH No contact  
122 Lake Michigan, MI No contact  
124 Grand Lake, OH No contact  
130 Detroit, MI Mike Bracket  
131 Atwood Lake, OH Michael L. Duitch  
135 Alum Creek Lake, OH No contact  
138 Indianapolis, IN Rich Fox  http://www.ecsail.org
158 Lafayette, IN Michael Nolan  http://www.lafayettesailing.com

Fleets in Region 5

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
25 Lake Carlyle, IL No contact  
116 El Dorado Lake, KS Gene Nold  
125 Smithville Lake, MO No contact  

Fleets in Region 6

No active fleets.

Fleets in Region 7

No active fleets

Fleets in Region 8

Region 8 Commodore: Mark Goodwin

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
11 Keystone Lake, OK No contact  
17 Galveston Bay, TX Charles Broaddus  
30 Grapevine Lake, TX Mark Goodwin  
32 Canyon Lake, TX No contact  
47 Eagle Mountain Lake, TX Craig White  
62 Fort Gibson Lake, OK Duncan McBride  
69 Lake Travis, TX Steve Pervier  
76 Oklahoma City, OK Don Garrison  
78 Lake Hefner, OK No contact  
80 Lake Conroe, TX Yanic Harel  
82 Lake Worth, TX Larry G Sallee  
85 Lake Arlington, TX Pat Hollabaugh  
94 Shreveport, LA Edwin Owen  
110 Tyler, TX Mike Butler  
111 Grand Lake, OK No contact  
112 Lake Oologah, OK No contact  
120 Grand Lake, OK No contact  
145 Greers Ferry Lake, AR George S. Yerger lll  
146 Lake Charles, LA Stuart Thibadeaux  

Fleets in Region 9

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
6 Seattle, WA  No contact  
20 Portland, OR Jody Schultz  
64 Boise, ID  No contact  

Fleets in Region 10

Region 10 Commodore: Don Hare

Fleet Location Fleet Captain Website
3 Long Beach, CA No contact  
4 Sacramento, CA No contact  
9 So. S.F. Bay, CA No contact  
13 San Francisco, CA No contact  
14 Lake Pleasant, AZ Bob Worrall  
54 Grass Valley, CA Lynn Buchanan
136 Merced, CA No contact  

Notice 4/18/2021 - links provided above to websites that are more than two years out-of-date, or where the link is invalid, will be removed on or after June 1, 2021.

Notice 12/26/2021 - "No contact" mean the fleet is either inactive or no fleet captain contact provided who is also a member of the Catalina 22 Nationl Sailing Association.